Govindarajoo Ramu


GREAT At Training takes a people-centered approach in providing customized training-workshops for individuals and organizations; a gainful heart and mind transformation.

'The Good Model' Coined by Govindarajoo Ramu


GREAT Philosophy

GREAT At Training is committed in providing quality training-workshops and consulting services that caters to our client’s specific needs that supports their pursuit for excellence in the management and development of their human capital.

We are committed to deliver our training-workshops with the highest standards of Commitment, Professionalism and Expertise; with Dedicated Passion.


GREAT Objectives

Delivering world-class human capital training-workshops.

Offer knowledge, experience and inspiration.

Demonstrate creative, effective and exciting training-workshops.

Impart experiential wisdom that far exceeds expectations.


GREAT Values

We believe passionately in the power of the heart and mind to change our attitudes, our lives and ultimately; our environment.

we love what we do