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Govindarajoo Ramu
Training-Workshop Developer & Empowering Facilitator

Govindarajoo Ramu is Enthusiastic, Articulated and Transformative At Training.

Rajoo is an empowering facilitator who facilitates learning by aligning a learners’ skills, beliefs and values with their acquiring knowledge to enable them to surface their “hidden strengths” to not only create an impact in their personal lives but also to create an impact to their organization.

Rajoo is a highly motivated corporate trainer with experiences in training small and large groups of learners across diverse industries. He leverages on educational, psychological and counselling theories and methodologies to design, develop and deliver insightful training-workshops. He integrates instructional technology to create a highly synergized environment to accelerate effective transformations that yields personal and organizational excellence.

Rajoo comes with more than 20 years of enthusiastic, articulated and transformative training experience. He is highly skilled, energetic, humorous and a great motivational trainer with exceptional presentation and training program design capabilities.

 'The Good Model' Coined by Govindarajoo Ramu

 Govindarajoo Ramu's view on Life

Govindarajoo Ramu


knowledge acquired

Rajoo is a strong believer in lifelong learning and some of his notable acquired knowledge are as follows;


Institute for Adult Learning, Singapore 

Advance Certificate in Training and Assessment

Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad, Malaysia

HRDF/PSMB Certification

International Professional Managers Association (UK)

Certified Professional Trainer

American Institute of Business Psychology (AIOBP)

Curriculum Development

Dynamic Speaking

Colored Brain Communication

Human Drive and Motivation

National Institute of Education, Singapore

Assessing and Evaluating Learning Environment

Strategies in Effective Teaching and Learning

Psychology of Creativity

Perspectives on Human Learning

Psychology of Learning and Motivation

Communication and Mentoring for Teaching and Learning

Games and Simulation for Learning

International Business and Management Education Centre, Singapore

Supervisory Management and Development

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