Being ‘In Love’?

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It is to truly see someone’s, inside; their beautiful soul. It is a rare and precious knowledge and for us to be given the gift of this sight means we contain the right ingredients in our own soul.

Often we feel such powerful emotions for another that we believe we are in love, but in reality we are viewing the person through tainted lens – one that is hidden by the pains of the past and therefore we are unable to see things properly. We grab toward the idea of loving that person, struggling to solidify our happiness together, but eventually look down to find our palms empty, again and again.

By putting ourselves out there and trying to love others, we learn of misperceptions and collect the missing pieces of ourselves: what we want, who we are and who we are not. Through this honesty and acceptance of our truth, we grow better at our attempts to find our true love.

Being in love unlocks energy and a thirst for better; it is the greatest gift we have to give. We become driven to show this person how we feel in any way possible: with affection, support, attention, being of service and giving our time. It is both selfless and rewarding in that we are fulfilled by acts of kindness that brings them happiness. This in turn, makes us feel like a wonderful.

Love enlightens our understanding of the world around us. We gain a special awareness and vision of what would normally go unnoticed: the beauty in others, in nature and the immense value of what it means to be alive. This heightened awareness also provides, much like a magical potion, strength and energy beyond what we could access alone. It gives us relief from pain. It unlocks chambers of our compassion.

Truly loving another means wanting their happiness regardless of how that might affect us. It means being happy in ourselves, outside of them. Have hope and optimism and let the rest go.