Challenging the Winning Culture

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Every organisation will somehow have its way of doing things. This organisational culture can either hold the people together, or break them all apart.

The foundational objective of any organisation is to create a high-performance culture, the ‘Winning Culture’. This is a culture that promotes a conducive environment for success through passion, ambition and perseverance. The ‘Winning Culture’ is one that is based on attainable standards – standards which provides room for learning errors.

The people in a ‘Winning Culture’ are high performers because they are in goal congruence – they only engage in activities which progresses the company AND themselves. These high performers are able to function in appropriate, excellent manners consistently because their values and mindsets are in line with organisational goals.

High performers think and behave like the owners of the company, and not as an employee, because they are passionate about their contribution to their organisation. They are trustworthy and honest; they do not tolerate gossips and hypocrisies. They clarify all hear-says and are blunt towards negative team members.

Creating a ‘Winning Culture’ may not be an easy one primarily because the people involved do not or refuse to see the benefits of a progressive change. Blinding themselves, they stay firm in maintaining the present system. Over time, some people will begin to understand the need and benefits of that change; and some don’t – they become the negative people in the organisation. They will resist change without understanding the intent of the change. They have very low self esteem, and might go to the extent of undertaking destructive actions to reverse the effects of change.

Such negative individuals will seek out others who feel the same way and also try to influence those who don’t. They are highly destructive to employee morale and productivity, gradually defeating organisational goals. These individuals will only focus on the company’s flaws, magnifying them, causing unnecessary unrest within the organisation. They encourage team members to do the same. Such negativity tend to be contagious, bleeding from one person into the workforce teams, affecting the entire company. Their actions, attitude and behaviour are not in congruent with company objectives, which includes rewards and other goodness to all employees.

A negative employee does not trust his/her manager and will be overly cautious over the latter’s decisions and actions. He/she will look for ways to safeguard himself/herself by acting in the worst unprofessional manners by trying to find mistakes in the bosses and being overly judgmental about their decisions are not going to help anyone in the organisation; they just make things really difficult and uncomfortable for everyone. Interestingly, such malicious and complaining individuals stay put in their insecure positions, not leaving ‘that terrible company’. Probably, they stay on anyway because, deep down, they know that they will have difficulty in finding another job elsewhere.

A ‘Winning Culture’ will be present when behaviours, attitudes and actions show that the team is striving towards collective high performance.

So, TOGETHER, eliminate negative behaviours, attitudes and actions. Resist those who threaten the synergy of a high performing team.