Imaginary Life

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Reality, when looked at truthfully, is quite depressing. We are all doomed to chaotic lives filled with toil and frustration. Most of our hopes and dreams may never be realised. Most of us may never become rich or famous or successful.

Just when you think a problem is solved, an uglier one replaces it. The cycle of desperation continues as our faculties decline. We lose our strength and beauty. We become shells of our former selves and eventually die.

Fortunately, thinking about the nasty truth can be averted with a well crafted Imaginary Life.

How? Luckily it is easy. If you are relatively happy person, my guess is you already have one.

An Imaginary Life is a story we tell ourselves. A story we actually believe about our lives that lets us ignore reality and focus on a glorious future. This is the key to a great Imaginary Life. We can’t just tell ourselves a beautiful story. We really have to live the delusion. All that matters is being happy and a great Imaginary Life accomplishes that.

Let’s be real. Is my Imaginary Life really going to happen? Maybe and it is not impossible, other people have done it, but success is far from certain. The odds are probably against it.

But that isn’t important. Believing an Imaginary Life gives my mind something to focus on. I can ignore the pain and uncertainty of life and work towards a goal. I sleep better at night because I know I have done my part. If it does not happen, that’s fate.

Sometimes I lose my Imaginary Life. Reality sets in and it can be incredibly depressing. I feel my smallness, weakness and the lack of control I have over my life. It is almost unbearable. Fortunately, I always come up with a new Imaginary Life.

If you want to be happier, create a fantastic Imaginary Life for yourself. Don’t worry about what other people think. Convince yourself and start living it. If you are already happy, keep living the Imaginary Life.

If you lose faith in your Imaginary Life, don’t panic. Think about what really makes you happy, create a plan to achieve that happiness and start working towards the plan. An Imaginary Life is merely a more accurate description of a life dream.

Thomas Jefferson said that the greater part of our happiness and suffering is caused, not by physical pain or pleasure, but by our hopes and fears. Knowing this, you can make yourself happy and avoid suffering.

By creating a beautiful Imaginary Life we can fill our life with hope and purpose. We can avert the paralysing uncertainty of reality. We can live a life of ignorant bliss.

Even if our Imaginary Life isn’t real, our happiness is. In the end that’s all that matters.