Necessary Lies

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Want a good job? Better put on your lying pants or at least your partial truth pants because the last thing you should use during an interview are candid, spontaneous answers. You would be smart to memorise answers to common questions beforehand, especially anecdotes about your leadership abilities and group work skills. Total honesty is a liability, it shows a lack of preparation.

Consider mass media. It is primarily fantasy; elaborate lies that lead kids to believe in a false reality, interspersed with advertisements telling them they need various products to cover their inadequacy.

You have to wonder; are lies necessary? Has lying always been so prevalent? Is it ingrained in the human mind? Are we really better off denying the truth?

To be serious, lying is not always malicious. There are many scenarios where lying is permissible, even desirable. It is occasionally necessary for the sake of decency; a free market can’t operate unless some form of deception is permitted; and many people are happy being lied to, especially if the lie is pleasurable.

Lies cannot be completely avoided. The problem is lies that form the “official truth”, lies that everyone goes along with. The truth should not be forced on people, but it should be available to people who need it.

We have reached the point of lie saturation and society is beginning to re-balance itself. The fact you are reading this article is evidence. With minimal expense, one person can tell the truth and anyone with a computer can hear it; and people are dying to hear it. They are craving it. They have been denied the truth their entire lives and now they are searching for it. They are just waiting for someone brave enough to say it.