Thank you Mr Govindarajoo Ramu sir, it was indeed a great workshop today. I was not only enlightened about NLP but also on body language especially on the significance of each signals. Never knew that little things we do literally implies certain meanings. I substantially acquired the importance of being simple, not to think too much as it just complicates things and to ask questions. The talk was just impactful and enjoyable. Your thoughts and philosophical ideas are truly motivating and inspiring sir. Keep inspiring young ones like us. Thank you sir.

Thank you Mr. Govindarajoo Ramu for giving us such a great experiences. Overall it was a knowledgeable and fun course. It helped me to know myself better and to think differently. I like your line “we need to let go in order to receive”. Thank you for being very motivational and a fun speaker throughout the training. I will be able to work with a positive mindset within an organization and in my personal life.

Vow! The most profound teaching I have ever learnt was the Coloured Brain Communication from your informative Training Program on COMMUNICATING & MANAGING PEOPLE. It opened my eyes to several other truths and have indeed gained a better understanding on people’s behavioral pattern. I liked the way you positioned people at ease by creating a “light & easy” environment which led to very interactive sessions throughout the 3-Day Training Program. Thank you Mr Govindarajoo Ramu, and best wishes to you for an even more brighter path that would lead you to success after success in the training programs which you would conduct hereafter.

I want to begin by saying that Mr Rajoo is a very dedicated person with a full driving force to present into detail. It was indeed a great session and it was beautifully presented. Again, thank you for your presentation and my undying respect for you. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be all that I am capable of being and for recharging my battery. Equally and perhaps more impressive is your attitude, your style, spirit, emotions, feelings, heart and hard work. I felt that you were a great speaker. Thank you so very much for all you enthusiasm, good will, good humor and total commitment! I am so deeply grateful and appreciative for lighting the fire of determination in me. Thank you so much for 3 of the most exciting days that I have spent. Your speaking is excellent. In addition, your “Can Do” attitude and limitless enthusiasm was contagious to us all. Last but not least. You have supplied my missing link. THANK YOU Govindarajoo Ramu!

An excellent course led by an excellent trainer. Mr Govindarajoo Ramu made learning accessible and enjoyable. A very powerful training course which has changed my communication direction, approach and understanding towards people and work output dramatically. Mr Rajoo also impacted on my personal life in many ways. Thank you Mr. Rajoo for the great experience.

Thank you Mr Govindarajoo Ramu!!! Fun, informative and inspiring. The training was lively and I had so much of fun; we learnt so many things. I wish I had more time to acquire his knowledge, experience and thoughts. I learnt more about myself and I learnt to see things from a different perspective. This training means a lot to me. Thank you Mr Rajoo, I do hope I will be able to join in another training of yours.

We had a three days training with Mr. Govindarajoo Ramu in our university and it was full of energy and so inspirational. Never have I felt this way at any other training. Mr. Rajoo made me realize the power and capabilities within me. I know now that I am capable of achieving my dreams one step at a time. The communication and management training was informative and Mr. Rajoo made it so much easier to understand and apply it in our daily lives at the same time bringing me closer to my colleagues. Thank you Mr. Rajoo and QIUP for giving me this opportunity.

Mr. Govindarajoo Ramu amazing trainer. Loved the humour and rapport he established with the class. His comforting and warm energy made it easy to lower the barriers (anxieties) to learn. Loved the variety of examples and experiences that were drawn from which definitely helped the learning to make sense. It all just flowed from one story to one lesson.

The best training that I have ever attended. Mr Govindarajoo Ramu is a knowledgeable person who conducted the training in a very lively atmosphere. Many ideas were shared throughout the 3 days program “Communicating & Managing People”. With the discussion & example given by Mr Rajoo, it trigger a lot of thinking among us. It opened up another thinking perspective for me. Thank you Mr Rajoo & hope there will be another chance to meet you or attend your training again.

Mr. Govindarajoo Ramu is a very knowledgeable instructor who connected very well with all the participants. I would definitely take another class from him. The venue, materials & facilitation was excellent. I recommend this training to all people managers who are interested in seeing real progress in their people managing skills with effective communication and managing. The training was very greatly inspirational, energizing, bringing lots of ideas, with both substantial and in-depth knowledge together with case studies. Learning from experience and being fully practice-oriented. Well-balanced composition of participants, which contributed to interesting and focused discussions. Last but not least, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Rajoo and also OSRAM for providing such opportunity to attend this program.

FUN~EXECITING~INFORMATIVE style of workshop. These are the basic 3 words I would describe the workshop conducted by Mr. Govindarajoo Ramu. He is a very knowledgeable man, the question is “ How Much Can You Absorb from Him?" I learnt a lot in the workshop & not only did Rajoo impart, he also taught us on the methods to apply our learning. Thank you Mr. Govindarajoo Ramu. Two thumbs up here from me.

Great Training! I would like to take opportunity to say thank you very much once again to Mr Govindarajoo Ramu. He is a very good trainer who is knowledgeable, caring and approachable. Certainly, the knowledge that he shared during the three days training is very useful in my personal life and career path provided I continue to practice the knowledge that I have gained. This training means a lot to me. Thank you Mr Rajoo, I do hope that I will have another opportunity to participate in any other training conducted by you.

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