Positive Thinking to be Stress Free

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I am one of the many who gets upset when someone does not use their indicator lights on their vehicle while driving on the road. I get upset when others are not aware of their surrounding environment and have no regard for anyone else except themselves.

Usually a negative thought is in response to events or circumstances that are felt to be deeply troublesome or distressing. However, sometimes people seem to get angry or upset for no obvious reason.

It is understandable to feel angry or upset when something upsetting has happened. When people are angry or upset they usually find themselves thinking very negative thoughts about the world; typically these thoughts are felt to be absolutely true and that there is no way of things ever changing. Negative thoughts affect the way people feel; therefore frequently perceiving things in a very negative way will aggravate feelings of anger.

I used get myself worked up for everything that happened around me, just like getting angry when someone cuts into my lane without using their indicator light. I have learnt to analyse things from a different perspective and now when someone cuts into my lane I tell myself, “Maybe the indicator lights in the vehicle is not working”. In telling this to myself, I stop myself from getting upset or even worse; getting angry.

Positive thinking empowers and strengthens our ability to resolve and create a stress free life. This is not just my opinion or some theory, the human mind is the most powerful tool you will ever have access to and the best part is that you do have access to this magnificent tool.

Our life is determined by the choices we make and knowing that we have the power to choose a positive attitude over a negative one and taking total control over the thoughts that go on inside our head can help us to live our life as good and fulfilled as we would like it to be.

Positive thinking is powerful and at the same time it is a choice, it’s a choice we get to make every second of our everyday life. When we choose to live with a positive attitude, we will open doors to change the entire course of our life.

Thinking positively has helped me to feel good and make things work better and achieve success. I have used affirmations and kept chanting positivity to keep a positive mental attitude.